GODDESS ROBE    oil on canvas   40"H x 30"W

BENDING OVER     oil on canvas   48"H x 60"W

FOLLOW ME    oil on paper   22"H x 30"W

SUN DANCERS    acrylic on paper   16"H x 20"W

FAT CATS   oil on canvas   20"H X 16"W

DAYLIGHT     oil on canvas   48"H x 60"W 

TIME TO GO    oil on canvas   24"H x 20"W

THE SNARE    oil on canvas   48"H x 36"W

INSIDE STORIES (Sold)    oil on canvas 36"H x 24"W

NUDE   acrylic on paper   23.5"H x 19"W

RECLINE   oil on canvas   48"H x 60"W

​​SPEECHLESS    acrylic on canvas   36"H x 18"W

BODY LANGUAGE II   (Sold)   oil on canvas   60"H x 48"W

BURDEN    oil on canvas   20"H x 16"W