Zentangle landscape      24"H x 18"W      acrylic, mixed media on canvas

Beach Ball Babes.... 10"H x 30"W....Acrylic (SOLD)

BRODY   14" x 14".... Pencil   (SOLD)

SELFIE  10"H x 12"W  acrylic on paper 

LINDA AND MOM  10" H x 8" W    acrylic on canvas  SOLD


Blues Abstract  16"H x 12"W   acrylic on canvas

What's on YOUR mind?     24"H x 18"W     Acrylic on canvas

Nola 36"x36".... Acrylic (SOLD)

WE CONTINUE    (Sold)   oil on canvas    20"H x 16"W

TOUR GUIDE Mixed media on canvas ...acrylic dirty pour and collage        12” x 12”